Kevin Eaton in the ceramic studio

Kevin Eaton is Kevernicus!

I’ve been a Los Angeles-based graphic design professional for many years. However, my recent work with ceramics has allowed me to rediscover a creative energy that I hadn’t enjoyed since my undergrad days at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Incorporating my love of comic books and science fiction, I create ceramic sculptures that are humorous, thought-provoking, and beautiful. It’s a joyful, toy-like world, filled with futuristic vessels and ruled by the gods who hold sway over its inhabitants.
I couldn’t have done this earlier in life. I’m very much a late-in-life ceramist, and all my life experiences have come together, unexpectedly, to enable my creativity in this medium. I’m both pleased and surprised with the results.
My best friend, a ceramist who died from AIDS years ago, always wanted me to study with him. I was afraid of getting my hands dirty, but now I know that he’s somewhere out there laughing with me… and at me.